Effortlessly manage organizational finances, facilitate online sales for merchants, and enable users to send gifts, receive payments, and top up mobiles globally.

Welcome to the PGecom API!

Our platform simplifies organizational financial tasks, from paying contractors and making bulk purchases online to rewarding employees with diverse gift cards. Merchants can effortlessly manage online stores, accept various payment methods, and facilitate payouts, while users enjoy easy gifting, payment acceptance, and global prepaid mobile top-ups.

We've designed the API so that nearly all functionality available via the web UI is available here.

🌐 Looking to learn more?

Read through core concepts and understand how PGecom API works

🚧 Ready to build?

Our sandbox environment is free to start building right away. Follow our quick start guide or our Postman collection to make your first API request in just a few minutes.

🧑‍đŸ’ģ Want to use your favorite SDK?

  • NodeJS SDK (Coming Soon)

  • PHP SDK (Coming Soon)

  • Go SDK (Coming Soon)

🚀 Ready to launch?

Complete the production access requirement; we'll have you live within 1 business day.

❓ Have a question or need some help?

For technical issues, contact info@pgecom.com. We typically answer in 1 business day.

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