Sandbox Environment

Learn about available API environments.

The PGecom sandbox environment is a free and fully-featured environment for application development and testing. Nearly all of the PGecom API is supported in the sandbox environment.

PGecom API users typically develop their applications against the sandbox environment, and then switch their credentials to production when they are ready to go live.

Using the sandbox environment


Sandbox environment behavior

Test Funds

Every sandbox account comes with $5,000 USD pre-funded balance. You can use this balance to create test cards or send rewards through the API.

Test credit cards

Card TypeCard Number


4242 4242 4242 4242

Test PayPal Accounts



Mon Cash Sandbox (Only Haiti)

  • Navigate to Mon Cash Sandbox

  • Enter the following credentials

    • Username: pgecom

    • PWD: W&cWJDHoa7di36

  • Add a test Account and Add money to the phone number in order to test

In order to test the mon cash integration

You need to navigate to Add Test Account and add a test number from Haiti.

If you don't have funds in your test number

You won't be able to test it.

add up to 5000 HTG to your test number so you can perform some tests

Happy testing!

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