Wordpress Plugin

Please download our PG Pay plugin and install it on your WordPress Website

Please make sure that you have woocommerce plugin install

Once you have woocommerce installed, please download our plugin below and upload it to your WordPress

pgpaywc - 2024.zip

Navigate to your WordPress and click on Plugin

Then in the top left corner, you'll see the option to upload a plugin

Click on the Upload plugin button and upload our zip file into your WordPress

Upload Plugin Button

Then WordPress will give you the option to select the files

Click on Choose a file and then click Install now

That should start the plugin installation into your WordPress

Install Now Plugin Button

WordPress will take you to where you can activate the plugin

Then click on the Activate Plugin to activate the plugin

Activate Plugin Button

To confirm that the plugin is activated successfully, click on the plugins tab

Then search for PG Pay in the list of plugins

You'll see it successfully activate it

Activation Confirmation

Once the plugin is successfully installed

Navigate to the Woocommerce Settings and click on Payments

You'll see PG Pay as the list of payments

Make sure that it's enabled in your Woocommerce payment

Then click on Save Changes

Enabled PGPay as a payment

Once it's enabled, then click on PG Pay

It will take you to the PG Pay settings

You'll need to fill out with the following information

  • Enabled/Disable

  • Description

  • Instructions

  • UserID

  • UserID Test Mode

  • Test Mode

To retrieve your UserID you need to navigate to your pgecom.com account

Click on settings and the developer tab

Once you've entered all the details, click on Save Changes

Fill Out Payment Details

Once you've completed that step above

PG Pay is fully integrated into your Woocommerce store

Then navigate to your store and try to purchase a product in your store

Then on the checkout page, you'll see PGPay integrated as an option

PGPay in the checkout page

Once a payment is processed with PGPay

It will redirect the user to the checkout confirmation screen with the correct status

PGPay successfull Payment

You'll also be able to see a list of successful payments made in your Woocommerce store

Navigate to your Woocommerce Order page

Then you'll see any order that has been made via PGPay

PGPay list of payments

If you click on any of those orders

You'll see more details about the order

Such as order number, products they purchased and how much they paid via PGPay

Order Details Page

I hope you enjoy PGPay as much as we enjoy building it

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