Check MonCash estimate before sending the funds

You can use this endpoint to check for monCash rates before sending the monCash

amount: number The amount of funds that you'd like to send. It depends on the balance type. If the balance type is "balance", then the amount should be in USD

delivery: string - default standard The delivery depends on how fast you want it. Here is a list of delivery type

  • standard - 2 days - free

  • regular - 24-hour - fees applied

  • instant - instantly (3 seconds - 2 minutes) - fees applied

Withdraw mon cash payment

POST https://sandbox.pgecom.com/api/user/withdraw/rates

This endpoint is just for getting an estimate on how much the user will receive

Request Body

    "amount": 20,
    "delivery": "standard",
    "gourdes": 2640,
    "feesInUSD": 0,
    "feesInHTG": 0,
    "exchangeAmount": 132,
    "amountAfterFees": 20

Always verify the phone number or we'll issue the funds back to your account

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