The Product schema lets you update and create products in a merchant's store. You can use product variants with the Product resource to create or update different versions of the same product.

id - string

The unique identifier of the product

name - string

The name of the product

status - string

The status of the product. There are currently 3 statuses for a product

  • active - visible to the consumer

  • draft - still in construction

  • archived - no longer needed

slug - string

Slug will be automatically generated for you based on the name of the product and can be used later to find products by a given slug

published - boolean

Whether or not you want the product to be published in our marketplace

vendor - string

The name of the shop that owns this product

inventory - number

The number of products that are available for purchase

price - number

The price of this product

comparePrice - number

The discounted price of the product

description - string

The description of the product

productType - string

The type of the product. We currently support 3 types of products

  • physical

  • digital

  • service

costPerItem - number

The cost you purchasing the product

sku - string

The SKU of the product

collections - array

A list of collections that this product belongs to

variants - array

A list of variants available for this product

images - array

A list of images available for this product

categories - array

The list of categories available for this product

createdAt - string

The date the product was created

updatedAt - string

The last time that the product was updated

Last updated